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THE GHOST OF LOUDOUN KIRK CEMETERY CRYPT hidden away in the Irvine Valley situated in Galston Ayrshire shown here has many secrets. Interred here are the ancestors of the Campbell family who once owned the imposing Loudoun Castle. My Grandfather who was one of the gardeners at Loudoun Castle is also interred within the Loudoun Kirk Cemetery.
The Loudoun Kirk Cemetery Crypt sits in a small area approx. 400 square meters in size tucked away in a quiet and beautiful area of Loudoun Kirk which gave rise to it's name from the turn of the century. Once a bustling and busy hamlet of a few houses where family's had geese and hens, fruit trees and most of the menfolk worked the soil or had employment from the local land owners. The single track road which snakes it's way back to Galston from Loudoun Kirk once had seven families sitting next door to one another in traditional family and Hamlet style.
The families have long since moved on but the Cemetery with it's old and creaking wrought iron gates still remain with the Loudoun Kirk Crypt standing just off the centre of the Cemetery grounds. Although very beautiful and picturesque during daylight hours, nobody, and I mean nobody ventures there at night.
To set the scene;
Night time brings a very strange aura to Loudoun Kirk and it was during one of my late jaunts in my youth I was confronted by my first genuine 100% ghost. I was busy looking through the gates with my friend pointing out where roughly my Grandfather was buried trying to see the small headstone in the darkness when in the background we both could see the distinct shape of a Lady with a light blue grey light showing all around her and slowly departing from the Crypt doorway and disappearing into the brick wall (which had no door) surrounding the Cemetery and not walking, simply floating.
The speed of my friend and I reaching Galston that night broke all known records, and we have heard many stories over the years about the well known Grey Lady figure who to this day can be seen either at Loudoun Castle or Loudoun Kirk Cemetery.
My scepticism got truly knocked that night, and since then have seen apparitions on three different places all having the heroic instinct to run, except the last time when it was a little girl which I will add and explain on our Scotland list.

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Agnes said...

I would be interested to know more about the ghosts at Loudoun Kirk. I have been involved with the partial restoration of it since 1994 but never heard of the ghosts mentioned. We also want to learn more about the families in the area including any known ghostly sightings. We are happy to open the kirk to visitors at anytime by appointment.
Visit our website for more info on Loudoun Kirk http://www.loudounkirk.org.uk/
or our interactive wiki site if anyone wants to add their own stories