Tuesday, 25 May 2010



It's official Homecoming Scotland is to be reborn in 2014.

In 2014 the eyes of the world will be on Scotland as the Commonwealth Games comes to Glasgow and Gleneagles hosts the Ryder Cup and Scots at home and abroad mark the anniversary of Bannockburn.

First Minister of Scottish Parliament has just announced today that Scotland would celebrate in the year of the greatest golf Championship, the Ryder Cup when Scotland hosts it in 2014.

As one of the events champions of last years events you can trust we will be even better prepared for this 2014 event.

Watch this space!


Aulyin said...

"Homecoming Scotland II" needs to be promoted immediately.

How can we, the people help to make sure that 2014 is amazing, creating sustainable employment in Scotland, especially within "Burns Corridor"?

We can use Facebook, Blog, etc and get the message across.

Domain Holdings. said...

We agree 100% with your sentiment - during the last Homecoming Scotland year we had many overseas visitors asking about information at the last minute saying they had never seen it advertised - we can only hope the 2014 Homecoming Scotland will be pushed from the start in all of our overseas advertising, then perhaps we will get the numbers we expected and the accommodation booked up.

Dame Anne said...

Visit Scotland should be very busy targeting its key audience by working with the many Scottish Clan Associations, the many Scottish games and festivals that take place all over the world. Visit Scotland should also check out the Association of Scottish Games and Festivals in the U.S. Brochures, posters and other promotional materials should be sent to all the games and festivals that take place in Australia,the U.S. Canada and other places such as Russia where the love of all things Scottish runs high. Use sites such as the R.T. Burns Club, the largest Burns club in the world to also get the word out. www.rtburnsclub.com

Earl (Dale) McAlpine said...

Clan MacAlpine Society was at the 2009 Homecoming and we are planning to be at the Bannockburn Homecoming 2014. This will be our third Annual General Meeting (AGM) that we have held in Scotland.
Just can't wait!
In Kinship,
Earl (Dale) McAlpine Jr.
MacAlpine Society Historian
Remember the Death of Alpin!

Mackenzie-Morrison said...

Some Canadians of Scottish descent residing in Ontario would like to find out if any other Canadians are/were planning on attending Homecoming 2014 and/or Clan Gathering in Scotland and/or the Battle of Bannockburn in the summer of 2014. Definitive clarification is needed about what's on and what has been called off. Pls contact Shian MacMor on Facebook.