Monday, 30 June 2008



ABC HOMECOMING SCOTLAND 2009 OR A-Z CELEBRATIONS legends are appearing on associated Homecoming Scotland 2009 websites.
Homecoming Scotland 2009 is the brilliant brainchild of the Scottish Government in association with EventScotland and VisitScotland and it celebrates the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scotland's Bard Robert Burns.
Homecoming Scotland 2009 is not just for Scots, it is for everybody to come and enjoy the Scottish hospitality and way of life. There are estimates of 100,000,000 Scottish Sisters and Brothers with Scottish blood running through their veins.
Homecoming Scotland 2009 is intended for those who are in any way connected to Scotland to come and visit Scotland during the Homecoming Scotland 2009 festival celebrations.
Homecoming Scotland 2009 has over 100 celebrations already booked and being prepared, you can expect this figure to rise as we get closer to the January Burns Supper date.
Homecoming Scotland 2009 should not be missed, there has never ever been anything like this before with a whole year of different celebrations going on throughout Scotland.
Homecoming Scotland 2009 has events listed already for next year and you it's possible to look at the open pdf file which will help mobile phones and hand helds at;
Homecoming Scotland 2009 has listed in there what is known at this time and updates will be made available as and when they get known. You will also find links to known celebration where also from there you can go to the different websites and find out more.
The Edinburgh Gathering is waiting for you! and so is Homecoming Scotland 2009.
The graphic is from my private collection of Scotland my Scotland, click on it to enlarge.
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Sunday, 29 June 2008


SCOTTISH DIALECT TRANSLATION for our sisters and brothers worldwide.
the phrase; punnabuttafurramurra is one such phrase which is prevelant in the Glasgow area of Scotland.
This phrase can be broken down into; punna...butta...furra...murra which can be translated for much easier reading into;punna...pound of, butta...butter, furra...for your, murra...mother.So the phrase; punnabuttafurramurra is;
Pound of butter for your mother. So the next time you hear the phrase punnabuttafurramurra you know someone needs solidified churned cream, or as they say in the Glasgow region butta.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

HOMECOMING SCOTLAND 2009 £1 million funding programme.

HOMECOMING SCOTLAND 2009 £1 million funding programme.

£1 million funding programme

Homecoming Scotland launched a funding programme to help organisations stage events to support the year-long celebration of Scotland's culture and heritage.

Tourism Minister Jim Mather said:

"Homecoming Scotland is an exciting, compelling initiative designed to kindle pride in Scots at home and in the many millions of people overseas who are of Scottish descent or who simply love Scotland.

"This is the first time that we as a nation have invited Scotland's global family to come home and it is a wonderful opportunity for us all to use our connections, to spread the message and invite our extended families home in 2009.

"This year-long celebration will benefit our country in terms of additional tourism, which will contribute to our economy. But it's also an outstanding opportunity to reconnect with the Scottish Diaspora around the world and provide impetus for them to visit their homeland."

Organisations can access grants of between £5,000 and £50,000 to enhance existing events or create new ones that reflect the Homecoming Scotland themes and objectives.
A little bit about Jim Mather;
Member for:
Argyll and Bute

Scottish National Party

Date of Birth:
06 March 1947

Place of Birth:
Lochwinnoch, Scotland

Family Information:

1959-1962: Paisley Grammar

1963-1964: Greenock High School

Glasgow University - Accountancy, Law and Economics

Career History:
2000-2004: Scottish National Party Treasurer

1997 - 1999: Director Startech Partners Limited

1983 – 1996: Director Computers for Business (Scotland) Ltd.

1973 – 1983: Marketing Manager IBM UK Ltd.

1970 – 1973: Accountant Chivas Brothers Ltd.

1964 - 1970: Apprentice Chartered Accountant Welsh Walker Ritchie & Co
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Friday, 27 June 2008



Homecoming Scotland 2009 is the biggest Scottish government iniative ever to promote the beautiful land of Scotland.
In 2009 plans are already underway for a spectacular year for Scots, adopted Scots and Scotlands ancestors, relatives and visitors who can expect a warm welcome from the whole of Scotland at all times.
We are proud to be part of the celebrations for Homecoming Scotland 2009. Spread the word and join our celebrations!
Homecoming Scotland 2009 starts off across Scotland celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scotland's Son Robert Burns.
Check out our website events page for 2009 which is open for all internet enabled mobile phones and hand helds which every man and his dog seem to own now.
The official website for Homecoming Scotland 2009 is;

Wednesday, 25 June 2008



This one looks the part, especially with the four legs.
If you click on the graphic it will enlarge it to readable size.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008



HOMECOMING SCOTLAND 2009 BLOG INFORMATION is being designed with you in mind.
Homecoming Scotland 2009 is a Scottish Government initiative managed by EventScotland in partnership with VisitScotland, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns. From Burns night to St Andrews Day, a country wide programme of exciting and inspirational events and activities will celebrate some of Scotland's great contributions to the world: Burns himself, Whisky, Golf, Great Minds and Innovations, and our rich culture and heritage. We are proud to be part of the celebrations for Homecoming Scotland 2009. Spread the word and join our celebrations.
During the Homecoming Scotland 2009 celebrations and lead up to the start which is Burns Night in January 2009 this blog will attempt to keep you informed with all official permission being granted from the official Homecoming Scotland 2009 website which we hope will compliment the websurfers world wide. You will find links to help you in your search for that perfect Scottish visit or event which will also show you the warm and memorable welcome passed freely to everybody who visits Scotland.
Scotland has open doors for everybody so read on and enjoy the stories and comments to sharpen your interest in our beautiful Scotland but especially in the year of Homecoming Scotland 2009.
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Sunday, 22 June 2008


Homecoming 2009: First Minister Salmond issues a worldwide invitation.

FIRST Minister Alex Salmond today called for Scots around the world to visit Scotland next year for the Homecoming 2009 celebration.
A nationwide events programme has been organised, inspired by the 250th anniversary of poet Robert Burns' birth.

A signature event will be The Gathering, one of the largest clan get togethers in Scotland.

Mr Salmond said at the event's launch today at Edinburgh Castle that there are almost 100 million Scots across the planet.

Over 100 events have been organised to celebrate Scotland's first year of Homecoming, with the First Minister launching an e-card to help spread the word.
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WORLDS LARGEST ARTS FESTIVAL is the Edinburgh Fringe which will soon be upon us once again. The Fringe runs from the 3rd of August until the 25th of August, and in that short time it crams so much information and shows into that space it would take the average person three months or more to view everything.
This is the time all Hotels and "Bed and Breakfast" establishments are full booked, this is the time those with relations are pushing them for sleep overs, this is the time Scots everywhere are amazed where everybody has come from as the City of Edinburgh gets swamped with media and TV cameras for the whole World to view.
Venues cover categories;
Children's Shows
Dance and Physical Theatre
Musicals and Opera
Artists from ; Poland, Hungary, Romania, U.S.A, France, Holland, Germany,Bosnia and Georgia, Lebanon, Turkey, Plaestine, Israel, and Iran are just some of the countries represented from overseas.
The Fringe was founded in 1947 to restore hopes to shattered lives through Music, Opera, Drama and Dance.
Edinburgh and the good and honest people of Scotland have a commitment to continue their sense of community and the Fringe in general is such a part of the whole idea and brilliance of 2009 being the Homecoming Scotland 2009 year for Scotland to be at their very best!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008



HOMECOMING SCOTLAND 2009 FESTIVAL kicks off in 2009 on January the 25th which is known worldwide as Burns night.
This is the special day throughout the world where Scottish ancestry and modern day Scottish ex-pats enjoy the celebrations of Burns Suppers and traditional Scottish Dancing with toasting usually with some fine Scottish whisky. The Burns Supper is; Haggis neeps and tatties, or, Neeps - Turnip mashed, tatties - potatoes, Haggis - many have suggested the Haggis is an animal with three legs and one is shorter than the other to run round the top of hills, but I think most folks know that the Haggis has four legs but only uses three but the fourth leg comes into play when you pull it and have people on.
Mince - the main meat dish in many Scottish homes is usually served with the above and many also add skirly which is oatmeal stuffing.
The Homecoming Scotland 2009 will last until St Andrews day the patron saint of Scotland, which is the 30th of November.
Many are going to remember Scotland in 2009 as the year when being Scottish will be Scottish pride in action for the whole world to enjoy.
Visit the official Homecoming Scotland 2009 website for more information and don't be shy about telling us how proud you are about Scotland and being Scottish, or even if your not Scottish let us know what you like about Scotland, be it the people, scenery, or the beautiful scenery we want to hear and read about everybody everywhere worldwide who loves our great country.