Monday, 22 September 2008



TRANQUILITY WILD WEST TOWN is thousands of miles away from the prairies nestled in a beautiful area of the North East Scotland.
Yesterday was one of their popular open days which had families out for their Sunday drive visiting as well as others who had penciled in their day out especially to see the cowboys and cowgirls in action.
Tranquility is so well named being in the heart of one of the best nature areas less than a mile south of the well known Glen Dronach Distillery which sits just off the B9001 at Drumblair Forgue near Huntly in Aberdeenshire.
In discussion with a few of the cowboys and talking to Alistair on whos ground the Jail, the Saloon, The Church & Court, General Store, Bank and Undertakers are all built he told me this was the only Wild West Re-enactment Group in Scotland, reminding us to remember many Scottish bloodlines started the Wild West as we all know it.
During the days activities the cowboys were great with the kids tutoring them on all the Health and Safety aspects of handling even these replica guns which could only fire loud blanks.
Lots of hard work was obvious on the work these guys and gals had put into Tranquility and although they are well known in them Eastern Parts, they will perform their Re-enactment for Open Days, Shows etc..
Yesterdays show was so popular it attracted attention from BBC Scotland and Radio 106 from the local area network.
The cost yesterday was nothing and for this nothing refreshments and food was available which most visitors appreciated, there was of course the donations box next to the general store.
You come away from Tranquility and it's quiet and peaceful setting thinking these cowboys and cowgirls have put in years of hard work and you know it has paid off just listening to the kids talking about how cool a place Tranquility is and asking so many questions you know you just have to go back next time.
Is it news to you ? then you read it here first!
Full details about the only Wild West Re-enactment Group in Scotland.
Another report from the BBC.
With excellent shows like this Homecoming Scotland 2009 is set for an exceptional year.


JB said...

Glad you guys enjoyed our Open Day yesterday & thanks for including us in this blog. We are proud to be associated with Homecoming Scotland.
Best wishes
Marshal JohnnyB

Domain Holdings. said...

Hi! JB,
as the only one of it's kind in Scotland we were impressed with the dedication of the cowboys and cowgirls for such a worthy tourist attraction.
We wish you much success but we know you do not need it. Long may your gun smoke.