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It's little wonder Mr Donald Trump had problems with Aberdeenshire Council who are fast gaining a reputation for alienating there voting public.
Aberdeenshire's Council's latest monumental blunder has to be read to be believed; Please note to all who read this; Scotland on the whole is not in the least like the Aberdeenshire Council who are proving to be a law unto themselves.
report from the 2nd Dec.2008.
Aberdeenshire councillors took the extraordinary step last week of voting to keep the North-east's flagpoles empty during the year of Scotland's Homecoming 2009.
Liberal and Conservative councillors joined forces to vote down a proposal from Ellon and District SNP councillor Rob Merson that the council adopt the flag-flying policy as agreed by the former Lib/Lab Scottish Executive.

Councillor Merson argued that with St Andrew's Day just three days away and 2009 being the year of the Homecoming that there was no better time to start flying the Saltire as a way of saying 'welcome' to the visitors which it is hoped will be attracted to the North-east next year.

Conservative member Bruce Luffman proposed that no action be taken citing health and safety reasons and was backed by 36 votes to 24.

Commenting, Cllr Merson said: "I am absolutely astounded by this. Having put forward the exact same policy that the Liberals introduced for the Scottish Executive in 2005, I really thought that this would be approved by the Administration.

"With the 2009 Year of the Homecoming almost upon us, when so many agencies are trying to attract visitors to Scotland next year in these difficult financial times, one of the key symbols of Scottish identity has been banished from our flagpoles.

"Instead of the traditional welcome of putting the flags out for our visitors, it is disappointing that the Tories and Liberals have made it a political issue.

"It is deeply disappointing, and something that the people of Aberdeenshire will remember whenever they see an empty flagpole."

source; Buchan Observer.
Please note the editors of this blog consider this decision by Aberdeenshire Council as unpatriotic to say the least.

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Domain Holdings. said...

In answer to David's question,
as the link shows the report came from the Buchan Observer (please see link).
WE should also clarify this is the Aberdeenshires Council brainwave and NOT Aberdeen City Council.
We do not know if this will affect (although by rights it should) flags being raised for things like,
the Queen's Official Birthday.
St Andrews Day.
Remembrance Sunday.
to name but three, which carry the direction; ie, will be raised from 8am to sunset.
There are a few others expected to fly at half mast annually.
This is not all of the expected flag raising days, there are many more so it seems a mystery why this one should be singled out for Aberdeenshire Council victimization.
We can only hope that sense prevails before the 25th of January and they have a thorough look at their foot they have just shot themselves in. Who can trust an Scottish Aberdeenshire Council who ban the Scottish flag being flown in the year of Homecoming Scotland2009 ?