Friday, 24 October 2008

Scottish Clan Gathering 2009 Passport Offers.

Scottish Clan Gathering 2009 Passport Offers.

Scottish Clan Edinburgh Gathering 2009 Passport Offers.

With over 45 million people with Scottish Ancestry it's little wonder that the Edinburgh Clan Gathering will be one of those special moments
for any Homecoming Scotland International Visitor to treasure for the rest of their lives.

Passports for this event are already being snapped up, so if your planning to visit this massive Homecoming Scotland event we think you should
book as soon as possible as the remaining tickets are selling fast.

There will be 8,000 passports available so far about 5000 have already been sold.

The cost for each passport is approx £95 each or around $145 at today's exchange rate, what a bargain for the event of a life time.

By purchasing a Passport to this remarkable event, you will take on the role of an proud participant, an experience perhaps never to be
repeated, and certainly never to be forgotten. Only Gathering 2009 Passport holders will be able to take part in the Clan Parade and Pageant.

As part of the 8000 (eight thousand) of other Scottish Clan members you will march up the famous Royal Mile from Holyrood Palace to the Castle Esplanade
as part of the Clan Parade. Each clan will be led by their Clan Chiefs and Clan Commanders with all Their Clan banners and flags showing.

Once you reach Castle Esplanade you will be directed take your seat and watch the Scottish Clan Pageant, a spectacular show on the history of the
clans through the ages. This show has been especially commissioned for the Edinburgh Gathering 2009 and you can expect music, Scottish dancing and pipers
and lots more excitement as this will be the largest Clan Gathering ever to be held in the last 100 years or since the last major Clan Gathering of 1822.

Don't worry if you are not associated with a Clan or Family you can still purchase a Passport and are welcome to take part
in Clan Parade and Clan Pageant.

The Passport also allows you access to both days of the Highland Games Weekend Event and Scottish Festival taking part on Saturday and Sunday
in Holyrood Park.

Events included are as follows,

Deuchars World Highland Games Heavy Events Championship,
Piping Bands,
Scottish Highland Dancing,
Live Scottish Music,
A Flavour of Scotland,
Hill Racing,
Scottish Genealogy.

This event will be watched by millions across the world by many forms of media including TV and Radio and will be an huge international event that may never be repeated

If your of Scottish Ancestry blood then this is a must see, and a must go event!

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More information on this event will be published on this Edinburgh Gathering website before this memorable event takes place,

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