Friday, 24 October 2008


World Pipe Band Championships 2009.

World Pipe Band Championships 2009.
World Pipe Band Championships 2009 promises to be one of the biggest single events during the Homecoming Scotland 2009 festival with an estimated 50,000 in attendance.
The World Pipe Band Championships starts on the 14th of August 2009 with the International Piping Concert. With the Piping bands from Scotland and Piping Bands from the rest of the world taking part the concert promises to be a spectacular event.
On the 15th of August 2009 the day after the piping concert will see over 200 piping bands compete for the World Pipe Band Championship title in font of a live audience of 50,000 on the Glasgow Green Venue, and with the world press and T.V. looking on these numbers will swell to massive proportions.
The following day and night with the Glasgow Barrowlands Ballroom the venue for the Shindig ( Scottish Party ) this promises to be the best piping band world championships and with the Homecoming Scotland 2009 event in full swing its the event not to be missed if your a fan of Piping Bands and enjoy fantastic memories.

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