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PRECEDENCE IN SCOTLAND is the order of importance recognised in Scotland by Royal Warrant since 1905. The Order of Precedence is as follows;
The Sovereign - Queen Elizabeth ||
The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
The Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly (while that Assembly is sitting).
The Duke of Rothesay.
The Duke of York.
The Earl of Wessex.
Prince William of Wales.
Prince Henry of Wales.
Viscount Severn.
Peter Phillips.
The Duke of Gloucester.
The Duke of Kent.
Prince Michael of Kent.
Lords Lieutenants of Counties, Lord Provosts of Counties of Cities, and Sheriffs Principal (successively - within their own localities and during holding of office).
Lord Chancellor of Great Britain.
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.
The Prime Minister.
Keepers of the Great Seal and of the Privy Seal (successively - if Peers).
Hereditary Lord High Constable of Scotland. Hereditary Master of the Household.
Dukes (successively) of England, Scotland, Great Britain and United Kingdom (including Ireland since date of Union).
Eldest sons of Royal Dukes.
Marquesses, in same order as Dukes.
Dukes eldest sons.
Earls, in order as Dukes.
Younger sons of Dukes of Blood Royal.
Marquesses' eldest sons.
Dukes' younger sons.
Keepers of the Great Seal and of the Privy Seal (successively - if not Peers).
Lord Justice General.
Lord Clerk Register.
Lord Advocate.
Lord Justice Clerk.
Viscounts, in order as Dukes.
Earls' eldest sons.
Marquesses' younger sons.
Lord-Barons, in order as Dukes.
Viscounts' eldest sons.
Earls' younger sons.
Lord-Barons' eldest sons.
Knights of the Garter.
Privy Councilors not included in above ranks.
Senators of Coll. of Justice (Lords of Session).
Viscounts' younger sons.
Lord-Barons' younger sons.
Sons of Life Peers.
Knights of the Thistle.
Knights of other Orders.
Solicitor-General for Scotland.
Lord Lyon King of Arms.
Sheriffs Principal.
Knights Bachelor.
Sheriffs Substitute.
Companions of Order.
Commanders of Royal Victorian and British Empire Orders.
Eldest sons of younger sons of Peers.
Companions of Distinguished Service Order.
Members (Class 4) Royal Victorian Order.
Officers of British Empire Order.
Baronets' eldest sons.
Knights' eldest sons successively (from Garter to Bachelor).
Members of Class 5 of Royal Victorian Order.
Members of British Empire Order.
Baronets' younger sons.
Knights' younger sons.
Queen's Counsel.
Order of Precedence is the recognised hierarchy of important people. The Order of Precedence does not necessarily point to the importance of that person but an indication of time honoured traditions with respect to historical relevance.
The Order of Precedence in Scotland was recognized and established in 1905 by Royal Warrant - Royal Warrant amendments have been made three times since 1905 to keep pace with changing times such as the Scottish Parliament.
The list above is very close to the original Order of Precedence and does not take into account the amendment positions since the 1999 amendments.
This thread answers Mary and John's question from the U.S.

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